Volunteer FAQ

All you need to know about volunteering for Kodomo no Hi Japan Festival.


What is Kodomo no Hi Japan Festival?

Kodomo no Hi is Adelaide’s largest Japanese Festival. The day is filled with cultural performances, martial arts, Japanese food, origami and calligraphy, displays and much more! You can read more about the Festival and our mission statement here.


How do I register as a volunteer?

Click here to view information about volunteering and the areas we need help with. The links will take you to the relevant registration forms where you can submit your details safely.


What is the different between a Volunteer Manager and a general Volunteer?

Volunteer Managers are assigned to manage or supervise an area during the day and oversee a team of volunteers. Essentially, Volunteer Managers hold extra responsibility in ensuring their area runs smoothly. If you have attended the Festival before, have experience in volunteering for similar events, have leadership experience or are simply looking to gain some, a Volunteer Manager role may be for you! Be sure to register on the Volunteer Manager form here.


How much time do I need to commit to the position?

Volunteers are required on the day of the Festival between 9am-5pm for briefing and to assist with setting up and packing up of their area. If you are unable to volunteer for the whole day, but would still like to volunteer for part of the day, that’s fine too! Simply specify your availability when registering. We also need volunteers on the Saturday before the Festival to assist with setting up.


Are there any training or information sessions I need to attend prior to the Festival?

There will be one information session for volunteers approximately two weeks prior to the Festival. You will have the opportunity to watch a presentation about the Festival and get an idea of how the day will run. You will also meet other volunteers and your area manager, and have the chance to ask questions.


How can I get to the Festival?

Thebarton Community Centre is located less than 5km from the Adelaide CBD and is easily accessible by bus. The trip takes approximately 15-20 minutes. For more information on getting to the venue, visit our access page.


I don’t have any special skills or experience or I can’t speak Japanese. Can I still volunteer?

Of course! We need volunteers for many different areas! Even if you have not had experience in cooking or origami, there are plenty of areas where you can help out.


Can my friend volunteer with me?

Yes! When registering, fill in the name of your friend and we will do our best to assign you to the same area. Your friend must also register as a volunteer.


What do I need to wear?

There is no ‘dress code’, but we recommend dressing comfortably. You may wear a volunteer t-shirt if you wish (this must be returned to us at the end of the day), but it is not mandatory. Likewise, if you are helping with the raffle or the entrance/welcoming visitors, you may opt to borrow a kimono on the day. Again, this is not mandatory.


Will I receive lunch on the day?

All volunteers receive a bottle of water and a sushi lunch (vegetarian or non-vegetarian) on the day.


Will I have free time on the day to enjoy the Festival?

You certainly will! There is plenty to see and do and we don’t want you to miss out! You will have time either before or after your shift or during your lunch break to enjoy Kodomo no Hi.


I have registered, but am no longer able to volunteer.

No problems at all! We understand that sometimes things come up unexpectedly. If you are no longer able to volunteer, please e-mail knhvolunteers@gmail.com.